Guided instructions for Wavlink Router setup

    You no longer have to deal with the slow internet speed and the dead spots at every corner of your house. It comes with various devices and provides you lightning-fast internet speed. Wavlink includes routers, extenders, modems, mesh Wi-Fi systems, and access points. You will get the improved wireless network once you do the wavlink router setup. You can easily access your device without any issues with the help of the default web address. For that, you have to do the wavlink router login using a web browser.
    Here, you will get to know the easiest ways to do the wavlink mesh setup¸ router, and extender setup with only a few simple steps. Let’s get started with the Best fealties of your Wavlink device.

    Why Choose Wavlink Router

    Wavlink has a variety of devices available to provide you the desired result. It comes with many smart features that you must be aware of. Check them out below.
    •    Dual-band:Wavlink comes with the dual-band feature to keep the streams flowing without any interruption.
    •    Extended Coverage:It comes with the expanded wireless coverage with improved coverage that provides better performance.
    •    Built-in High Power Amplifiers: The power amplifiers help increase the magnitude of power and lower the additional noises.
    •    More ports for fast internet: It provides the various ports for the Lightning-fast Entertainment with stable connections.
    •    Smart LED indicator: Smart LED indicator shows the status of your device by changing the colors.
    •    Classic Design: It has a fine polishing mirror shell and curved surface with beautiful decorations.

    How to do the Wavlink installation?

    Before you get started with the setup process, you need to do the installation of your router. See the steps to do the installation below.
    •    For the installation process, you need to disconnect the modem from the power source.
    •    Then connect the Ethernet cable to the modem and then to your router.
    •    Power on your devices and wait for them to boot up.
    •    Now, you have to connect your router to the Computer using the Ethernet cable.
    •    You are all done with the installation process.How to do the Wavlink Router Setup?

    How to do the Wavlink Router Setup?

    If you want to do the wavlink setup without wasting much time, you can follow the steps provided below for that. 
    1.    Once you are done with the installation process, you have to open the browser and then type in the address bar and then click enter.
    2.    You have to enter the default username and the password as admin and click on the login page.
    3.    Then, go to the setup wizard for the configuration.
    4.    You have to choose the internet connection type or allow your setup wizard to detect the connection type.
    5.    You have to give the name to your wireless network and passkey.
    6.    Then, configure your device with the instructions given on the screen.
    7.    When you are done changing the settings, you have to click on the Save button and finish the configuration.

    Wavlink Extender Setup using the WPS button

    Make it easy to do the wavlink extender setup with the help of the WPS button. Given below are the steps that will help you do it without any problem.
    1.    You have to place your Wavlink device near your existing router and then connect the device to the power source.
    2.    Turn on the device and wait for it to start up.
    3.    Locate the WPS button on your extender and press it for a few seconds. 
    4.    Once you see the WPS light become stable, you are done with the connection process. 
    5.    With that, you have successfully done the wavlink extender setup using the WPS button.

    Easy steps for the wavlink mesh setup

    Check out the easy steps to do the wavlink mesh setup below.
    1.    First, you have to connect your modem to the internet.
    2.    Then, join your router to the modem with the help of the Ethernet cable.
    3.    Now, connect your Wavlink device to the power source.
    4.    Open a browser and enter the web address in the address bar then click enter.
    5.    Login to your device using the default login credentials.
    6.    Then, go to the Wi-Fi option and select Mesh network from the given list.
    7.    Now, you have to enter the Mac address provided on your device.

    How to reset the Wavlink Router

    If you face some issues that you are unable to resolve with the troubleshooting steps, you can reset your device to the factory default version. That will fix the issues. Check out the reset steps below.
    •    First, find the reset button at the back of your device.
    •    Press it with a pin for 12 seconds then release the button.
    •    Your device will be reset.
    •    Another thing you can do is go to the management interface of the router.
    •    Then click on the setup button and go to the Backup / Restore.
    •    There, click on the reset button.
    •    You are all done with the reset process.
    •    You have to configure your device again.


    The information provided in this article will help you out with the setup procedure of the Wavlink devices. You will easily be able to do the wavlink setup with some trouble-free steps provided above. If you face any issues with your devices, you can check the troubleshooting steps with the setup guide. For more detailed information, you can contact our support team by calling on our toll-free number.