Wavlink Wireless AC1200 Router Setup

    WAVLINK AC1200 routers are among some well-known router brands for their exceptional range capabilities and other attractive features. One more advantage that they have over other routers is they are available at a cheap rate. Compared to other router brands like Netgear, Asus or TPLINK, these routers can be your choice for normal internet usage requirements.

    In order to fully harness the capabilities, you first need to have access to the network. There’s one way you can do this, and that passes through setting the router up in the first place.

    Setting WAVLINK AC1200 Router Up for use

    Starting with the process, you need to have an idea on how to setup WAVLINK AC1200 routers. Well, this is where we come to your rescue. Follow the steps.

    Connect your router to the computer system using a CAT5 Ethernet cable. Also, connect your router with the electrical power outlet of your home.

    Turn on your computer and open the web browser. You can use any web browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Mozilla as per your requirement. As soon as your web browser opens, enter the default IP address or you can also use Both the inks will work well when you are tying to login and setup the network.

    Once you have entered this address, you will be directed to the login page where you will be asked to enter the default username and the password credentials. If you do not remember the default credentials, you can use the following combinations.

    Username: admin; Password: admin

    Username: admin; Password: 1234

    Username: admin; Password: *leave the field empty*

    If you don’t remember the default credentials of your WAVLINK AC1200 Router, you can simply RESET the same by performing hard RESET or simply soft RESET.

    Once you are logged in the router login page, you would need to change the default credentials as per your convenience. This is to ensure that the security of your devices is not compromised. Change these credentials to something more personal and secure.

    Tips on choosing your WAVLINK AC1200 router setup password.

    Choose a complex and hard-to-discover password which you can remember. Make it a little personal, east to remember and keep. Maybe your never told secret.

    Changing WAVLINK AC1200 router password and username or network SSID.

    We won’t accept it but we tend to forget things. Therefore, it is prudent that we keep them simple yet complex. Another trick while setting up a network is changing the network SSID, which will further make it ear for people as to which network they are connecting to.

    On the router login wizard, locate Wireless, then look for Basic and click on it. In the Network Name field enter a network name, the one you like. Remember to use something unique like FBI Surveillance Van#594 or anything that you like.

    After you enter the network credentials, make sure you enable WPA2-PSK encryption for your router. This will be point when you will be selecting the network security key for your network.

    Enter a new WPA shared key/ Wi-Fi password that will be used by you to connect to your home Wi-Fi. Make sure to build a strong password different than what you used for login page.

    This is the point where your WAVLINK wireless router has been set up. You can bookmark this page for future use.